Welcome to PPC Medical Group, where our radiology services encompass a spectrum of advanced techniques, including ultrasound, X-ray, and EKG, to provide you with accurate and comprehensive diagnostics. Our commitment to your health drives us to deliver precise imaging that aids in better understanding your medical condition and guiding your treatment journey.

Our Ultrasound services utilize sound waves to create detailed images of internal structures, enabling us to assess a wide range of conditions. X-rays offer insights into bone health and identify abnormalities within the body. Additionally, our EKG services allow us to evaluate your heart's electrical activity, helping us diagnose and manage cardiovascular conditions.

At PPC, we understand that timely and accurate diagnosis is crucial for effective treatment. With our skilled radiologists and cutting-edge technology, we strive to deliver results that empower you and your healthcare team to make informed decisions about your health. Whether it's routine screenings or specialized diagnostics, we're here to provide you with exceptional care.

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