Dr. Richard


M.D. Pulmonology

Meet Dr. Richard Seidelman, who specializes in advanced Interventional Pulmonary techniques. Dr. Seidelman is one of the best Pulmonologists in Florida who are qualified to perform bronchoscopic laser treatment of the airway and other pulmonary medicine practices.
Personal Physician Care in Delray Beach, FL

Dr. Seidelman is the most recent addition to our team of doctors. Born and raised in Philadelphia, he obtained a bachelor's degree from the University of Pennsylvania and then attended Hahnemann Medical School in Philadelphia. From there he went to Washington DC where he completed an Internal Medicine residency program at Georgetown University. Continuing his specialty training in the Nation's capital, he graduated from George Washington University with a Pulmonary Fellowship degree in 1989. He subsequently was Certified by The American Board of Internal Medicine for Pulmonary Disease in 1990 and for Critical Care medicine in 1991.

He moved to South Florida to begin his private practice in Pulmonary Medicine in 1989. Doctor Seidelman was the first Pulmonologist to open a Pulmonary Medicine Practice in Boynton Beach, Florida and He has dedicated his career to the diagnosis and treatment of patients with Lung Disease living in this area. Dr. Seidelman is a wonderful addition to our diverse mix of providers, allowing PPC patients access to his expertise and resources only improves patient care. Dr. Seidelman's expertise includes advanced Interventional Pulmonary techniques. He is qualified to perform bronchoscopic laser treatment of the airway and has the ability to place airway stents, has performed thousands of thoracentesis procedures and also has extensive experience in Pleurx catheter chest tube insertion for the management of recurrent fluid collections in the chest/ pleural cavity.

At Personal Physician Care, we are proud to provide you EVERYTHING YOU NEED UNDER ONE ROOF and we are committed to continuing to do so! Bringing you talented specialists like Dr. Seidelman ensures that we can provide you the most comprehensive experience.

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