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Meet Dr. Miller. our highly esteemed M.D. at Personal Physician Care, who holds a special place in our hearts and plays a vital role in our healthcare team.
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About Me
I am a passionate and dedicated physician with a diverse background in medicine, education, and community service. My journey in healthcare has taken me from the bustling streets of New York City to the serene shores of Palm Beach, and even to the heart of Uganda. My mission is not just to treat illnesses, but to empower individuals and communities to lead healthier lives.

Education and Training
I completed my residency at the prestigious Montefiore Medical Center in Bronx, New York, where I honed my clinical skills and developed a deep understanding of patient care. Prior to that, I pursued my medical degree at the esteemed Albert Einstein College of Medicine, building a strong foundation in medical knowledge. But my journey in education didn't begin in medical school. I earned my undergraduate degree at Barnard College of Columbia University, where I developed a passion for learning and a commitment to excellence that has guided me throughout my career.

Professional Experience
Before embarking on my journey in primary care, I had the privilege of serving as a hospitalist at Good Samaritan Medical Center in Palm Beach. This experience not only sharpened my diagnostic and treatment skills but also deepened my appreciation for the importance of effective patient communication and empathy. For several years, I worked diligently at a primary care office, where I had the privilege of building long-lasting relationships with my patients. This experience reinforced my belief in the power of preventive medicine and patient education to transform lives.

Community Involvement
Outside of my medical practice, I am driven by a strong sense of community and a desire to make a positive impact beyond the walls of the clinic. I have been actively involved in volunteer work for many years, and it brings me immense joy. One of my proudest achievements is the establishment of a malnutrition program that has touched the lives of countless individuals in need. In Uganda, I had the privilege of training village health workers to respond to basic healthcare needs and improve the overall health of their communities. These experiences have taught me the profound impact that compassionate care and education can have on
under served populations.

Life Beyond Medicine
While I am deeply committed to my medical practice and volunteer work, I also cherish the precious moments spent with my family. I am a proud parent to four wonderful children and a loving spouse to my husband. Together, we enjoy creating lasting memories and exploring the world around us.

In summary, I am a physician who is not only dedicated to the well-being of my patients but also to the betterment of the communities I serve. My journey in medicine has been shaped by education, experience, and a passion for making a difference. I look forward to partnering with you on your healthcare journey.

Thank you for considering me as your healthcare provider.

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