Announcing the Personal Physician Care Community Center

Personal Physician Care (“PPC”) is excited to announce that it has opened a community center, exclusively available for PPC patients, located next door to our main office at 4800 Linton Blvd., Suite F111, Delray Beach, FL 33445.  The Personal Physician Care Community Center further demonstrates PPC’s commitment to promote wellness and healthy lifestyle to our patients.

Patients of PPC will be granted open access to the many programs and activities we will be offering at our community center.  These programs and activities have been carefully selected over the last two years based on suggestions from your physicians and PPC patients. 

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For question and more information about the Community Center, please contact our Program Director, James Cassidy, at (561) 808-7743.

Call us: (561) 498-5660


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Personal Physician Care, P.A.
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Delray Beach, FL 33445

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Staff Directory

Medical Assistant Directory:

Lily (Dr. David Neuman's MA) - Ext: 308

Sussy and Raquita (Dr. Susan Barish's MA) - Ext: 350

Darius (Dr. Roy Cohen's MA) - Ext: 306

Shara (Ms. Maria Reyes' MA) - Ext: 355

Marie (Dr. Kari Tannenbaum's MA) - Ext: 349

Kelly (Dr. Alexandra Santini's MA) - Ext: 329

Meagon (Ms. Lauren Roscoe's MA) - Ext: 366

Michaelle (Ms. Christina Pengelley's MA) - Ext: 317

LoriAnn (Dr. William Shapse's MA) - Ext: 339

Casandra (Dr. Audrey Liu's MA) - Ext: 361

Zoyla (Mr. Julio C. Cevares’ MA) – Ext: 376

Lily (Dr. Tatyana Aliyeva's MA) - Ext: 308

Nursing Station Directory:

Nursing Station 1 (Liz) – Ext: 323

Nursing Station 2 (Barbara) – Ext: 316

Nursing Station 3 (Rose) – Ext: 347

Referral Directory:

Charmaine – Ext: 334

Aggy – Ext: 341

Lluvia – Ext: 352

Izzy – Ext: 336

Yasmine – Ext: 309


Tashana – Ext: 369