Personal Physician Care
Extended Hours

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering extended hours on Thursdays in addition to our existing late hours available on Tuesday. Our office will now be open until 7:00 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. With these added extended hours, it will be more convenient for our patients to schedule their appointments without compromising work or other obligations.  

Schedule your next appointment during our extended hours using our Patient Portal! Not registered yet? Click here to request access.

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Personal Physician Care, P.A.
4800 Linton Blvd.
Suite F-107
Delray Beach, FL 33445

(561) 498-5660

Fax: 561-498-0753

Staff Directory

Medical Assistant Directory:

(Dr. David Neuman's MA) - Ext: 308

(Dr. Susan Barish's MA) - Ext: 350

(Dr. Roy Cohen's MA) - Ext: 306

(Ms. Maria Reyes' MA) - Ext: 355

(Dr. Kari Tannenbaum's MA) - Ext: 349

(Dr. Alexandra Santini's MA) - Ext: 329

(Ms. Lauren Roscoe's MA) - Ext: 366

(Ms. Christina Pengelley's MA) - Ext: 317

(Dr. William Shapse's MA) - Ext: 339

(Dr. Audrey Liu's MA) - Ext: 361

(Mr. Julio C. Cevares’ MA) – Ext: 376

(Dr. Tatyana Aliyeva's MA) - Ext: 308

Nursing Station Directory:

Nursing Station 1 (Dr. Barish, Dr. Tannenbaum, Roscoe, Dr. Aliyeva) – Ext: 323

Nursing Station 2 (Dr. Liu, Dr. Santini, Pengelley, Alcantara, Aliyeva) – Ext: 316

Nursing Station 3 (Dr. Neuman, Dr. Cohen, Reyes, Dr. Aliyeva) – Ext: 347

Referral Directory:

Charmaine – Ext: 334

Referral for: (Dr. Neuman, Dr. Cohen) – Ext: 341

Referral for: (Reyes, Dr. Santini, Dr. Tannenbaum, Dr. Shapse) – Ext: 352

Referral for: (Roscoe, Dr. Liu, Tricare) – Ext: 336

Referral for: (Pengelley, Alcantara, Dr. Aliyeva) – Ext: 309

Billing Directory:

Direct number for all billing questions EXCEPT Quest and Lab Bills - (561) 455-1334 For questions related to Quest and Lab bills, please fax info to (561) 808-8858


Prescription Line – Ext: 369

Patient Advocate:

Patient Advocate Line – Ext: 313