Medicare Annual Enrollment Period is Here!

Dear patients and prospective patients, Medicare Annual Enrollment Period is here! From October 15 till December 7th, you can make changes to various aspect of of your coverage such as switching from Straight Medicare to a Medicare Advantage plan, or vice-versa. Our office has the resources available to help you make the most informed decision. In addition to Straight Medicare, we accept numerous Medicare Advantage plans like Humana, United Healthcare, Preferred Care Partners, etc.,  and most major insurance plans.

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Humana and Tenent Update

Published November 11th, 2016 by Ppcare




I want to first thank you for your support and trust in Personal Physician Care (“PPC”) for your healthcare services.  We understand that there are few other important decisions in a person’s life other than ones affecting their own health and well-being.

As many of you already know, Humana and Tenant are in nationwide negotiations for a new contract agreement.  This has happened before in the past, and renegotiating contracts is a standard process in healthcare.  Before making any decisions, we want to make sure you are educated about the concerns.  We are hopeful that an agreement should be made soon, but until then below is some more information. 


What this means for you:


  • Hospital On-Call Doctor:  Our physicians at Personal Physician Care are not only privileged at Delray Medical Center, but also at Boca Regional Hospital, located about 15 minutes away in Boca Raton.  We also work with physicians at Bethesda and other hospital locations to ensure your transition from the hospital to your home and doctor’s office is as smooth a process as possible.
  • Personal Physician Care:  Nothing will change at our office.  You may still see your doctor and partake in the array of ancillary services we provide for our Humana members, including our in-house lab, in-house radiology services, dermatology services, same-day emergency appointments and complimentary transportation.
  • Emergency Care:  Emergency care access is still accessible to all Humana members and is not impacted.  Humana members can continue to receive emergency care at Delray Medical Center’s emergency rooms regardless of network status.
  • Continuity of Care:  You may be eligible to receive continuity of care benefits with Humana for a period of time if you need on-going treatment or already have a procedure scheduled.  For questions regarding this benefit, please call the number listed on the back of your Humana Insurance Card.


Please know that we understand that the patient-physician relationship is the most important aspect of your Healthcare.  At Personal Physician Care, our clinicians and staff will continue to provide the best healthcare, with the best clinical quality and health outcomes in South Florida for our Humana patients.  If you would like to know more information please contact your Humana Representative or our office. 

Thank you,

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